Amazing Appetizers

From egg rolls to spring rolls to dumplings, we have an array of mouth-watering appetizers that are sure to give any dinner a tasty start.

Egg Rolls

Crispy, golden crust with fillings of chicken, meat or mixed vegetables. Flavoured with zesty Chinese spices. A classic done right. The accompanying plum sauce is the perfect complement for dipping.

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Spring Rolls

Prepared from a traditional Chinese recipe and made with a thin, flaky shell, filled with your choice of tender chicken or fresh vegetable flavours. Great as an appetizer or perfect as a side dish. Comes with plum sauce for dipping.

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Pre-boiled Chinese-style turnovers (available in chicken and vegetable varieties) seasoned with spices in delicious egg-noodle wrappers make for seriously tasty dumplings. And if you like dunking your dumplings, our dim sum sauce is a perfect complement.

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Party Packs

From the dinner table to the hors d’oeuvre tray, our appetizers are perfect for any occasion. And your taste buds.

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